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All cookies used on My Postcode Finder are to enable our users to have smooth experience whilst browsing our website. All cookies used are harmless and secure.

For information on restricting cookies, please visit: Below are cookies which are required, so that users may securely browse through the pages of My Postcode Finder with a seamless experience. Without these cookies, the website may not function appropriately and may not be considered user friendly depending the device the website is being used on.
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Cookie Purpose Duration
cookie_policy Recored user's cookie preferences on our website. 1 year
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Performance & Interest-based advertising
The cookies listed below assist us on monitoring particular information, for example, on how visitors use My Postcode Finder and which devices they are using. My Postcode Finder also uses Google Ads as a third-party to deliver personalised and related advertisements.
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Google Displaying and managing advertising media across My Postcode Finder. See Google Advertising.
Google Analytics Monitor user performance and statistics.
Google Ads Monitor pay per click advertising on the website
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